Backsplash Tile Installation - Black, White, Gray Glass Tile & Beige Stone Tile  

This backsplash tile installation project spreads over 3 separate areas of this kitchen.  

Black & White Backsplash Tile Installation

Black & white backsplash tile installation in Hinsdale, IL 60521 by Major Makeovers (773-383-4138 -Mark). Ready for your tile project?
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If you want to know what your kitchen will go through during a backsplash tile installation, follow along to see the details of this backsplash, or... 

Jump over the installation work to see pictures of the finished backsplash.

Backsplash tile installation - 'before' view - 1st area

This is the smallest area of the 3 separate 'backsplashes' of this kitchen. The peeled paint/drywall and other wall damages are what's left after the homeowners had the old countertops and their matching 5 in. backsplash removed.

The new countertops are installed but no matching 4-6 in. backsplash because the homeowners prefer the new backsplash tile installation to start right on top of the countertop.

Drywall view between cabinets in a Hinsdale kitchen before glass/stone tile installation began.

The tile will cover most of these damages but some will be fixed later by a drywall guy after the backsplash tile installation is grouted and complete. One of those areas to be fixed later starts by the letter 'o' in the above '.com'. The tile will stop at the end of the top cabinet and run straight down on a vertical line that probably runs through the 'o'.

Backsplash tile installation - 'before' view - 2nd area

This second area includes a countertop height drop to the level of a desk/table which comes in very handy for kids doing homework in the kitchen or anyone else needing a chair and desk/table height incorporated within the kitchen cabinets. 

The upper cabinets are also lowered exactly on the same area where the countertop is lowered so this will make for an interesting task of perfectly aligning the thin tile strips to sit on both countertops in full pieces and also run left-right uninterrupted from one countertop to the other.

Damaged drywall seen between cabinets in Hinsdale kitchen before glass/stone mosaic tile were installed. Notice 2-level countertop (desk/table height).

You can also see the peeled paint spots where the countertop backsplash was glued to the drywall. These areas will be covered by the new backsplash tile installation. Both left and right ends of this drywall have wooden door trims and that's where the new tile will start/end. 

There's a 3rd main area which is an L shaped wall. You'll see it later, not in a 'before' picture but in a 'during' picture and then the 'after' versions.

Tile installation begins on smallest backsplash area.

After their covers were removed, both the switch and outlet seen below needed to be loosened from their screws and pulled away from the wall a little to make room for the tile pieces to get in their place at the time they reach that area.

The first 12 inches of tile are installed on the back wall already and there's less than that left to install up to the bottom of the cabinet. The wall on the right side will only get tiled up to the end of the cabinet and the 'wall' on the left is actually part of the cabinets (not drywall) so it won't get any tile.

Protecting the countertops while work is going on is a top priority and in order to take pictures during work, most tools and drop cloths were removed so the countertop can be seen together with the new tile.

Beginning backsplash tile installation on the smallest area of the 3 separate pars of this kitchen backsplash. Black-white-gray glass & stone tile.

Backsplash tile installation during work on 3rd main area. 

The L-shaped main area of this backsplash is shown below. The first row of 12 inch tile sheets is already installed. There are quite a few (hard to see) switches, outlets, phone jacks and other things in the way and each of them needs to be partially removed so the backsplash tile installation can take place. 

The biggest thing in the way is the intercom panel which was disconnected from the wall without disconnecting any wiring, and it just sits on the countertop for now. It will be placed back in its place in the big empty area inside the wall seen on the right side of the picture, after grouting is done.

Main area of backsplash seen in one picture during tile installation work. Window sill on right side wall 'cuts' into backsplash.