Dustless Tile Removal - Flooring Removal - NO DUST - Phoenix, AZ & Surroundings

DUSTLESS TILE REMOVAL Phoenix -We remove your tiles and thinset without making any dust. Best dust-free tile/flooring removal. NO DUST! Call/Text Mark at 480-630-0102 Major Makeovers LLC - ROC 331927

Hi - I'm Mark.
Let's talk dustless tile removal (also, dust free removal of hardwood flooring, carpet, vinyl, laminate, engineered floors, etc).

The first thing I must tell you is please do not risk irreversible lung disease!

Removing tile the old fashioned way or with improper equipment will release dangerous silica dust in your home.

"Silicosis is an irreversible but preventable lung disease caused by inhalation of respirable silica dust." (Source: cdc.GOV)

The right way to have your tile removed is with our best dustless tile removal system and I can take care of that for you.

Especially for big floors, the best time to have this done is when the house is empty of furniture, etc which for most people is the time when they buy a house and before moving in. In most other cases, there's some dealing with moving furniture and other things in the way.

Sounds good - how do we start the process?

We can schedule an appointment and I can come over to see what type of tile/flooring you need removed and take measurements BUT before we do this, it's probably better if you get an idea about prices and other details involved in a dustless tile or flooring removal.

IF your project is urgent AND you have this ideal situation where area is empty of furniture and the dustless removal cost is no object, then call/text me at 480-630-0102 and hopefully the dustless crew availability is within days not weeks as usual.

The interactive form below will give you an idea on your project's dustless removal cost based on type of tile/flooring and very rough square feet. It'll also show how to best deal with furniture, appliances, baseboards, toilets, etc.
You'll have the option of sending me the numbers you got with a click of a button.