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Avoid Silica Dust - Avoid Irreversible Lung Disease
"Silicosis is an irreversible but preventable lung disease caused by inhalation of respirable silica dust." (Source: cdc.GOV)

We break your old tile (floor/wall) with the best dustless tile removal system, grind the thin-set, haul away all debris and you get clean, bare concrete so you can install the new flooring/tile you want.

Backsplash Tile Installation Scottsdale, Phoenix, etc

Porcelain Floor Tile Installation, Stone Tile Installed On Fireplace

Basement porcelain tile installation on floor and stone installation on 9 ft. high fireplace with white marble around opening. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley...Porcelain Tile Floor, Stone & Marble on Fireplace - Phoenix & Suburbs

This floor is about 2,400 square feet (SF) and the chosen tile to be installed was 6 by 39 inch wood-look Capella Ash porcelain tile. The tile imitates the gray-ish look and color variety of very old wood seen on the outside of barns or other very old wooden structures exposed to the weather. 

Differences between the 2 pictures below are due to a combination of light, camera angle and how wet/dry the floor was when the picture was taken. The stone seen around the 9 ft. high fireplace walls came from The Tile Shop and the same goes for the white marble around the opening of the fireplace.

3x39 Capella Ash porcelain tile installed on basement floor. Grout is stain resistant Mobe Pearl from The Tile Shop.Capella Ash Porcelain Tile.

Stone & white marble on 9 foot tall fireplace and 2,400 square feet (SF) of porcelain tile installed on basement floor.Marble & Stone Fireplace

Glass & Stone Backsplash Tile Installation

White, black and gray backsplash tile installation - interlocking mesh backed sheets of glass and stone tile strips. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, etcBlack & White Glass Backsplash

This backsplash is made with mesh backed glass and stone tile strips of different widths and lengths which come in a mixture of white, black and gray.

The combination provides a blend/connection between black countertops and white cabinets. Add to that the under cabinet light which is increased by the glass reflection and you have lots of light to comfortably enjoy your kitchen.

This is a very big kitchen and the backsplash is spread in 4 separate areas while these pictures only show 2 of those areas. One of the features of this kitchen is having this 2-level countertop right next to each other where the backsplash tiles have to perfectly follow the 'step up/down' from one level to the other.

Gray strips of stone combined with white, black and grey strips of glass tile, forming a bright and beautiful backsplash tile.Backsplash & 2-Level Countertop

Ceramic Tile Installation Tub/Shower Walls

9x12 inches ceramic tile installed in a brick style on tub walls with decorative travertine tile line, 2 corner soap dishes and bullnose tile on edges.9x12 Ceramic Tile - Shower/Tub Walls

This 9 by 12 in. ceramic tile was installed all around the tub walls in one of the upstairs bathrooms of this home. The pattern is brick-style - same as seen on the outside of most brick built buildings.

There's also a matching bullnose tile which runs on the sides and top of the regular tile to finish the edges. Two corner soap dishes were also installed per customer's directions, to hold plenty of shampoo bottles and other items.

A decorative tile line runs from side to side at about a height of 5 ft. from the bathroom floor. This decorative tile line is made from random broken pieces of travertine tile glued to mesh. It's a good match with the colors found in the light grout and brown ceramic tile.

Black Ceramic Tile Basement Shower

Basement shower tile as 12x12 inch black ceramic including on the shower ceiling. Decorative tile line and 2 corner soap dishes complete the tile installation.Black Ceramic Basement Shower

This shower has 12x12 ceramic tile on walls and the same tile is also installed on the ceiling. Two light colored corner soap dishes are placed on the sides of the shower faucet. A 4 in. decorative tile line cut from mosaic tile sheets, runs horizontally between the faucet and shower head.

White grout makes the black tile stand out individually and a can-light in the shower's ceiling makes sure there's plenty of light in a black tiled shower.

Given that the shower was an addition to the existing basement bathroom, its size was limited by the available space so even though it's not a very big shower, most people would prefer having a smaller shower in the basement versus no shower at all and that's why this homeowner chose the same.

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tile Installation

6x6 white ceramic tile installed on tub surround walls with matching length bullnose to finish edges. Decorative strips of 2 tone mosaic at eye-level with white pencil tile.White Ceramic Bath

The tub surround got 6x6 in. ceramic tile with matching length bullnose tile completing the edges and top. A decorative mosaic tile line runs at about eye-level height and has white pencil tile running at the top and bottom. Floor tile is 13x13 inch and the new vanity and countertop sink were chosen to be within the same white theme.

Shower Floor & Walls + Bath Floor Tile Installation

Shower floor made of stones that were on mesh but had to be peeled away and installed as separate pieces to ensure room for grout and avoid water damage.Stones On Shower Floor

The above picture shows the completed shower floor which is made from pieces of stone tile on mesh. The top of the L shaped shower curb is made from 3 pieces made specifically for that purpose. Wall tile is 4 x 12 marble installed in a brick style.

There's a corner soap dish and an intricate mosaic tile surrounded by pencil tile installed on the long shower wall. The floor tile is a gray-ish wood looking ceramic tile at 12 by 24 inches in size also installed in a brick pattern per customer's preferences.

The shower glass side panel and glass door were installed and this bathroom project was just about done. A brown thin metal transition was installed to match as closely as possible the hardwood floor on hallway.

4x12 brick style marble installed on shower walls and 4 ft. high surrounding bath walls. Corner soap dish, mosaic wall insert and glass shower panel in view.4x12 Marble Tile On Shower Walls

Lower part of the shower with glass panel and shower door installed on top of curb. Floor tile is 12x24 gray wood look ceramic.12x24 Tile On Bath Floor

Rounded Edge Diamond Shape Arabesque Backsplash Porcelain Tile Installation

Arabesque porcelain tile in a diamond shape with rounded/curved edges installed as backsplash tile.Arabesque Backsplash Tile Installation

Besides glass tile strips or mosaics, this diamond shape tiles with rounded/curved sides are quite time consuming and difficult to install especially on a small area like a backsplash where so many perfect cuts need to be made.

These tiles came from the manufacturer in sheets of 8 pieces each but given that there's not one straight side/edge, lots of cuts are needed even to start setting the first row of tile beginning on the countertop. 

Cutting around outlets and switches is also more time consuming than if the tiles were square or rectangular. If you really like the look and you're willing to go ahead with a higher installation price, you can definitely have a backsplash like this.

Powder Room Wall Tile Installation From Floor To Ceiling

Powder room 12x24 tile installed in brick style on 3 walls all the way up to ceiling. Border tile line runs all around at 4 ft. high from floor.12x24 Tile Up To Ceiling

Interlocking uneven stone tile sheets installed on powder room wall from floor to ceiling. No grout required because there's no grout space.Stone Tile On Powder Room Wall

This is quite a rare sight but some homeowners do choose to tile their powder room walls all the way up to the ceiling as you can see in the above pictures. Three of the 4 walls got 12 x 24 inch grey porcelain tile installed in a brick style and there's a stone decorative tile line running all around at about 3 ft. from the floor.

The 4th wall was covered in interlocking uneven stone sheets that provide quite an interesting look especially being right across from the door. These stone sheets are not meant to be grouted - therefore they should not be installed on shower walls. The homeowner decided to keep the old floor tile in place as they were a part of a big area of the house's first floor - we only installed the wall tile.

Church Basement Floor Tile Installation

2,300 SF of 18x18 brown and white ceramic tile design on church basement floor.18 x 18 Ceramic Tile Installed On Basement Floor

This is a 2,300 SF tile installation project that was done way back in 2008. The tile is 18x18 ceramic in brown and white while the grout is black. The particular tile layout was chosen by the church and we installed it accordingly.

18 Inches in Diameter, Big Round/Circle Tile With Triangle Tile Fillers - A Very Unique Tile Installation

Big round/circle tile at 18 inch diameter and small triangular tiles that fit between the circle tile to fill in the space.18 Inch Diameter Round/Circle Tile & Triangular Tile Space Filler

Each of these round tiles is bigger than the average steering wheel !

Most people seeing this big round tile for the first time are a little shocked because, let's face it, this is not something one sees every day (except the homeowner who chose this circle tile). They also chose the exact location of each green-ish tile to be placed somewhat random among the blue ones.

If you look closely, you can see the triangle tiles that perfectly fit within the circle tile. Half of these triangle tile are light colored and half are green-ish and they are all placed in alternate rows based on their color.

The homeowner had a hard time finding the right tile installation company to tackle this project when 3 other tile companies either did not have the skills to install these tiles or did not want to take any chances. We did this round tile project in early 2016 based on customer's specifications.

Travertine Tile Installation On Shower Walls | Pebble Tile On Shower Floor

Sealed travertine tile installed on shower walls with 2 decorative mosaic and pencil tile lines - round pebble tile on shower floor and two 6x18 in. custom shower dishes/shelves.Travertine, Mosaic, Pencil And Pebble Tile

This shower is quite big at 24 SF (4 by 6 feet) and wall tile is approximately 6x6 in.
The homeowner chose the random placement of all 6 inch mosaic square inserts and the exact height of both horizontal decorative mosaic tile lines.

Both these lines have pencil tile running above and below the mosaic and the pencil tile also runs vertically from the top of shower curb up to the ceiling instead of what otherwise would have been bullnose tile.

Hard to notice at this eye-level view are 2 custom handmade 'floating' shower shelves that have no visible outside support - they 'come out of the wall' and each is 6 by 18 inches big, offering a lot of shelf space for many shower items.

The beautiful natural color variety of travertine tile continues from the walls to the shower curb and the rest of this master bathroom floor, but the tile size increases to 12 x 12 in. The shower floor is made of pebble tile that was sealed with a special sealer enhancer to protect and enhance the color of each stone. Having rounded stones on one's shower floor, a sort of a foot massage may also be 'provided' while taking a shower. 

The travertine was sealed twice as this material is very porous and can get stained even by the grouting process (especially by dark grout colors) if left unsealed. Here's a closeup on the shower shelves and you can also see the natural variety of 'imperfections'/small holes throughout the travertine tile that get filled with grout.

Master Bathroom Shower Tile Installation. Handmade 'floating' shower shelves at 6x18 in. each covered in mosaic glass & stone tile. 
#85268TileInstallersMaster Bathroom Handmade Shower Shelves

Small Backsplash With Border/Frame

Very small grey backsplash tile with border/frame decorative tile to cover the edges. Backsplash tile just for the above the cooktop area.Small Backsplash With Border Tile

This may very well be the smallest backsplash tile installation area we've ever done. It's slightly wider than the cooktop and it's made to perfectly fit between the cabinets. The white round border tile runs on both sides to finish/cover the tile edges and is cut at a 45 degree angle at the top where it turns and a small piece fits by the range hood on both sides.

The tile is a very wavy gray surface and measures at around 4 x 12 per full piece and it's installed in a brick layout centered in between the white tile frame.

Basement Floor Tile Installation

18 by 18 inch porcelain tile covering most of this basement including the 4 in. custom cut and matching baseboard tile.18 by 18 Porcelain Tile On Basement Floor With Matching Custom Cut Baseboard Tile

This tile is 18x18 inch porcelain and covers most of this basement floor. The matching baseboard tile seen in this picture is actually made/cut by us in 4 in. tall pieces from the same 18x18 tile. Four pieces of baseboard were 'made' out of one full tile and they covered 6 feet in length (4 pcs. x 18 in. long = 72 in which is 6 ft long).

This is probably the best way to get perfectly matching baseboard when the tile you choose doesn't come with its own baseboard or bullnose tile from the manufacturer.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass backsplash tile - Glass strips come mesh backed in interlocking tile sheets.
Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Tempe, Cave Creek, Chandler...Glass Backsplash Tile

This is just a small part of this backsplash that was installed with brown-ish mesh backed interlocking sheets of glass tile. 

Usually with backsplashes, it's hard to take one picture of the whole project because you end up with a picture of the whole kitchen when the point is to show the actual backsplash tile - therefore the at-backsplash-level picture shown above.

Individual glass pieces were taken out of the same product and used as a perfectly matching trim to finish off all exposed edges where the glass tile had to be cut straight (see the vertically running glass tile at left and right ends of backsplash).

Bathroom Floor Porcelain Tile Installation

Apartment bathroom floor tile installation. The wood look porcelain tile is 6 x 36 inch and brown in color with black grout.Apartment With Porcelain Tile On Bath Floor

This tile size is 6 x 36 in. porcelain and imitates the brown-ish look of stained wood boards while the grout color chosen by the customer is black. The unfinished bottom of the walls (no baseboard or wainscoting yet) was a future project to be decided by the homeowner/designer, not part of our tile project.

Backsplash - This is Handmade Tile

Backsplash tile installation with rare special order handmade tile. The uneven and wider/narrower and/or longer/shorter backs of these tiles were slightly adjusted by us to fit.Backsplash Tile Installation Using Special Handmade Tile

This customer special-ordered their backsplash tile from a small family business that was manufacturing their tile pretty much by hand. The business is gone for a few years now but this backsplash lives on.

These tiles had unique characteristics like very uneven edges that were also sticking out and there was quite a difference in tile width/length. Small adjustments were needed to make the tiles fit and you can see the result above.

The image only shows one part of this kitchen backsplash an the other side was about twice this size but harder to take a clear picture. The tiles are a close color match with the new granite countertops and their rustic handmade look goes well with the new rustic style cabinets. 

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